Dale C. Mead, Republican Candidate for Congress, 15th District of California  

About the Candidate
Voters shouldn't have to vote for the better of two evils.

Technology Issues
Silicon Valley's representative needs to know technology and the Internet and understand the industry.

Social Issues
A mediator knows the importance of listening and finding the common goals.

Foreign Affairs
America's actions need to conform to its ideals.

Local Issues
Housing and Transportation Issues.


The challenge of representing people isn't in figuring out the most popular opinions (any pollster can do that), but in representing the diversity of views.

Issues that command national attention invariably are complex and involve considerations from many perspectives. It is easy to lose track of the real issues in all of the yelling.

The goal of the representative is to listen to all of the sides and put together intelligent public policy that takes into those views into account.

Other Candidates to Consider:
Donna Courtright, 24th Assembly District


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