Dale C. Mead, Republican Candidate for Congress, 15th District of California  

In a race dominated by technology issues, Dale Mead has a real knowledge of technology and the high tech industry. Dale is currently an eBusiness architect with Nortel Networks. Prior to Nortel, as part of Apple's Advanced Technology Group, Mead co-founded and managed www.apple.com, one of the first and most respected commercial sites on the Internet.

As an attorney and a technologist, Dale has taken an active role in Internet policy, problems, and solutions.

Dale's background as a mediator has taught him the value of seeing all sides of issues and finding points of agreement that benefit all parties as a stepping stone to real solutions.

Dale grew up in the Silicon Valley living variously in Los Gatos, Lexington Hills, Campbell, and San Jose. His wife, Karrie, volunteers 30 hours per week at Santa Teresa Elementary School where their children attend. They are members of Calvary Church in Los Gatos.

I have received a number of comments about how plain this site is compared to what people would expect from someone with my credentials in site design.

Last November, I looked at who was planned to run for office this election and saw the same bunch of professional politicians that I hadn't really wanted to vote for last time, but didn't have a choice. Making a last minute decision to run has put me under the gun. Last November, I had no name, no organization, no website, no money. And, because I am a real person like you, what I did have was a job that didn't end after 8 hours and a family that can't be ignored for a year while I go off running for office. I also had the big problem of convincing you that I am not some crackpot minor candidate with off-the- wall views.

Most political websites (see Politics1 for a good list of candidate sites) are built with lots of "eye-candy"--waving flags, rotating graphics, warm family photos--designed to distract you from noticing that there isn't much content. In campaigning, letting people know what you believe is trouble because people may not like what you have to say. The usual political thinking is that if you make people think you are nice without talking about issues, you won't lose as many votes as the other person.

That is not what my campaign is about. Nobody is going to agree with everybody on every issue. That is O.K. and a legitimate part of the democratic process. I ask for your consideration and if you choose not to vote for me, that is fine.

Yes, even for a website that is designed to communicate information, it could use more graphics and visual interest. This site is pretty plain. But balancing my time, I felt it more important to spend my time on the content.



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