Dale C. Mead, Republican Candidate for Congress, 15th District of California  

How to Help

Most professionally run campaigns are all about money. Money is how you buy access to voters through TV and radio advertising, phone calls at dinner time, and all those other annoying ways of getting in voters' faces. Some candidates in this race will pay about $100 per vote.

This campaign is different. We will take your money and use it that is how you would like to help us, but your personal recommendations to others are more effective than money and save us the $100 that it would take to reach that voter through mass media.

We are happy to supply yard signs, bumper stickers, and buttons:

Yard Signs
Please install them at:

Phone Number

Bumper Stickers
Please send them to:

Checks may be made out to:
Dale C. Mead for U.S. Congress Committee
P.O. Box 53105
San Jose, CA 95153

Federal campaign laws limit checks to $1,000 per contributor per election and contributions are not tax deductable.


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