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Summary of Positions (MS Word)

Key Points for Press Internet-Centric Campaign

  • Voters are tired of the long campaign cycle and big money politics
  • Real campaign reform will happen as voters start using the Internet to as their preferred source of candidate information when they choose and the voters develop a dislike of pushy political ads.
  • 80% of District 15 voters use the Internet often.
  • Mead is professional Internet communicator who has run a 10 million hit/day site (

High Tech Emphasis
  • "A congressperson from Pittsburgh should know steel. A congressperson from Detroit should know the automobile industry. And a congressperson from the Silicon Valley should know technology and the Internet."
  • Mead is currently a eBusiness Architect with Nortel Networks, a major telecommunications manufacturer, and a former member of Apple’s Advanced Technology Group.

Background as a Mediator

  • Mead was formerly Executive Director of a non-profit mediation center
  • "A Representative must fairly represent all of the interests of the people, not just those that coincide with his or her own view." The goal is to work with all viewpoints to establish how we move forward. There is more common ground on many social issues than is commonly realized.

Not a Politician

  • Qualified to deal with issues, but a representative of the middle class ("Individual Contributor" in Silicon Valley speak). Not a professional politician.
  • Running on a broad range of issues. Not a single issue candidate.
Schedule of Appearances:
Association of Republican Women, January 12, 2000
Senior Care Commission, January 19, 2000
Republican Central Committee, Candidate's Forum, January 22, 2000
Commonwealth Club of Silicon Valley, Debate, February 4, 2000
KQED-Radio, February 4, 2000
American Productivity and Quality Center, February 8, 2000
Intranets 2000, March 1, 2000

Born: December 3, 1955; Castro Valley, CA; moved to Dist. 15 in 1957. 
Age: 44 
Marital Status: Married. Wife: Karrie; 2 children 
  Note: Karrie volunteers 30 hours/wk in Oak Grove School Dist. 
Education: Los Gatos High, 1973 
  B.A., Philosophy, Westmont College, Santa Barbara, 1976
  J.D., (Law), Golden Gate University, San Francisco, 1979
  Note: Admitted to California State Bar at Age 23 
  M.L.S., Library Science, San Jose State Univ, 1989
Employment: Private Law Practice, Los Gatos 1979-1989
  Note: Executive Director of pro bono mediation/arbitration service 
  operated out of law office. 1983-1985
  Advanced Technology Group, Apple Computer 1989-1997
  Began as a Research Librarian 1989-1993
  Information Architect, 1993
  Note: Info.hed, together with an IBM server, were the first openly commercial sites on the Internet. Sponsored by the "Mother Gopher" at the Univ. of Minn challenged the Acceptable Use Doctrine then in effect on the Internet. 
  Co-founded and webmaster, 1994-1996
  Note: Numerous awards including: 
  Best Commercial Site, Industry.Com, 1996
  Best of the Internet, Interactive Age, 1995
  Internet Technologist, Knowledge Sys Lab 1996-1997
  Bay Networks/Nortel Networks 1997-2000
  Knowledge Architect 

Key Points:

  • Qualified, but a typical middle class American, not a professional politician
  • Uniquely capable of representing Silicon Valley technology and Internet/eCommerce interests
  • Background as a mediator is a key to progress on social issues

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