Summary of the Stationer's Charter

The complete charter is too extensive for this work; however, the main points of the charter are summarized in a petition for reaffirmation in 1569.

The artycles contayned in a boke for the stacioners drawen out in forme of lawe by Master Rychard Faulsete

1.  The confyrmation of the lres patentes graunted
by the late kinge phillip and quene marye to the

2.  None to prynte oneles he be ffre of the stationers.

3.  None to be a comon bokeseller in London or Westmynster
vntil he be bounde to kepe the orders and constytutions
prescybed by the stationers.

4.  Euery boke or thinge to be allowed by the stationers
before yt be prynted.

5.  The stationers to make orders for pryntinge and
 bokesellinge and them to change as occasyon shall serue.
6.  The Master and wardens may inhibyte eny of the 
companye to prynted tyll he fynde surties to observe
ther orders.

7.  The stationers to haue autoryte to areste euery
offender beynge in London or West and to commytte
hyme to eny preyson in London, tyll he haue payde C
shyllings for euery offence or more yf the greatnes
of th offence requyre, the one halfe to the quene
the other halfe to the stationers, And to fynde
surties for hys good behauyoure from thensforthe.

8.  Warrant to the Jayour to receyue the partye
arrested vpon theyr warrante.

9.  Autoryte to the chaunceller of Englande for the
tyme beinge to awarde processes in ther ayde if nede