Proclamation of 5th June 1558

By Queen Mary Tutor. No. 111 in the Collection of the Society of Antiquaries of London. Quoted by Arber at I, 92.

My translation:

By the King and Queen,

Whereas diverse books filled both with heresy, sedition,
and treason, have of late, and be daily brought into
this realm out of foreign countries and places beyond
the seas, and some also covertly printed within this
realm, and cast abroad in sundry parts thereof, whereby
not only God is dishonored, but also an encouragement
is given to disobey lawful princes and governors.  The
King and Queen's majesties, for redress hereof, by this
their present proclamation, declare and publish to all 
their subjects that whosoever shall after the proclaiming
hereof, be found to have any of the said wicked or 
seditious books, or finding them, do not forthwith burn
the same, without showing or reading the same to any other
person, shall in that case be reputed and taken for a rebel, 
and shall without delay be executed according to the order
of marshall law.  Given at our manor of Saint James the
6th day of June.

God save the King and Queen.