New Decree of the Star Chamber for orders in Printing

from State Papers, Dom.Eliz. Vols. 190,192 quoted in Arber ii, 807

My translation:

Whereas sundry decrees and ordinances have upon grave advice and 
deliberation been heretofore made and published for the repressing
of such great enormities and abuses as of late, more than in times
past, have been commonly used and practiced by diverse contentious
and disorderly persons professing the art or mystery of printing or
selling of books and yet notwithstanding the said abuses and enormities
are not abated, but (as it is found by experience) do rather daily
more and more increase to the wilful and manifest breach and contempt
of the said ordinances and decrees to the great displeasure and 
offense of the Qunenes most excellent majesty by reason whereof
sundry intollerable offences and troubles and disturbances have
happened as well in the church, as in the Civil government of the
state and Commonwealth of this realm, which seem to have grown because
the pains and penalties contained and set down in the said ordinances
and decrees have been so light and small for the correction and
punishment of so grevious, heinous offenses and so the offenders
and malefactors in that behalf have not been so severely punished
as the quality of their offences have deserved.... Whereupon, the 
said most reverend father and the whole presence sitting in the
honorable court this 23 day of June in the eight and twentieth
year of her majesties reign, upon grave and mature deliberation,
have ordained and decreed that the ordinances, constitutions, 
rules, and articles hereafter following from henceforth by all
persons be duly and inviolably kept and observed according to the
tenor, purpose, and true intent and meaning of the same, as they
tender her majesty's high displeasure, and as they will answer
to the contrary at their uttermost peril.